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We successfully cope with tasks of varying complexity, provide long-term guarantees and regularly master new technologies.

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Our Story



Via Milano, Parma

Where it all began.

It is April 16, 1974, two men are walking fast, sly steps that have a clear direction. For them it is a happy day, the kind that makes your legs shake. They stop in front of the door of their new metalwork shop, small but with big ambitions.
Gian Franco Magnani Dotti and Angelo Dondi enter their new company. Longtime friends and colleagues, some might say, Gian Franco and Angelo did not know what would happen from that moment on, but they did.
How did they know?
They were able to look ahead while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.



Via Campanini, Parma

Where it all continued.

August 1, 1985. Someone wrote that the ship is safe in the harbor but that's not what ships are made for. In '95 the turning point: with the exit of Angelo Dondi, Gian Franco's daughter Simona and his cousin Michele joined the company.
Simona had already been with the company for a few years, "because the apprenticeship had to be done." She had been the first DOMA employee with a single computer, the kind that looks like a control center. Michele, on the other hand, was in the technical department, building on his experience in the metalworking world.
Under the guidance of Gian Franco, who would teach them what it means to be an entrepreneur, Simona and Michele began to invest in new technologies with an eye to the future.



Via Botteri, Parma

Where we expanded.

January 1, 1998. A third move with the goal of not stopping, of being able to continue looking ahead together with its Customers and those they would acquire.
The Company invests, grows and becomes structured, an even larger family: 30 employees in an area of more than 3600 square meters.
Mattia, Simona's son, joins the Company. He is the third generation to start making his bones by putting the knowledge from his studies to use. He is not afraid of what will be. He has prepared himself.
His is a spontaneous choice guided by an awareness: not everyone gets the opportunity to love what they do.



Via Botteri, Parma

Where we are now.

April 16, 2023. In 50 years we have changed locations and renewed our production system several times and updated our technologies, but we have remained the same in the passion and care we put into our work every day.

What sets us apart

The use of innovative operating systems, allows us to follow the entire production process, offering constant support to the customer.

Within a working space of 4000 square meters, we provide our Customers with a customized service from the consulting phases to the development and realization of the product: only in this way we are able to guarantee quality productions, studied in every detail.

Our technical department consists of a specialized team of operators dealing with programming, nesting and machining concerning numerically controlled machines.

  • Consulting
  • Technical drawing processing
  • Production
  • Delivery
50 + Years

Of activity

32 People

Team employees

54 Customers

In 2019

We are certified
ISO 9001:2015

As a certified company, we demonstrate to all our Customers, employees and various stakeholders our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards.

We are certified<br>ISO 9001:2015