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Purchase of new machinery and equipment for production process improvement

As DOMA SRL we have obtained, through participation in the dedicated call for proposals, the contribution to support productive investments (Por Fesr 2014-2020, Axis 3, Action 3.1.1 contributions for micro, small and medium enterprises).

The funding was requested by us in relation to the desire to invest in new machinery and equipment for the improvement of the production process.

The grant obtained in support of productive investments allowed DOMA to purchase the following machinery, enabling the achievement of the results shown below.

The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

LVD Dyna-Press 40/15+ press brake integrated with production management system

Through machine/management communication, it is possible to know in real time, what and in what time frame the required items have been produced. The machine is equipped with CADMAN-B programming software for program management.

Result achieved:

Thanks to the purchase of the bending machine, the following have increased: speed of machine programming (realizable on board the machine for simpler products, or directly from the technical office for more complex parts), ease of use, reduction of production time and energy consumption. It is also possible from the technical office, starting from a 3D file, to calculate the raw material to be used, reducing waste and optimizing the laser cutting phase. We can say that during 2019, bending nonconformities have decreased.

Response times and the satisfaction of customers’ quality and urgency requirements have improved. The machinery also allows reduced energy consumption and safe operation for the operator.

Hardened steel workbenches for the welding business

They allow the balance carpenter to work at their best, they also provide 0° flatness to reduce physical contamination.

Result achieved:

Thanks to the purchase of these workbenches, which are specific to our industry, the parts produced are more flat, without the need for additional remedial machining and reducing production time.

The hardened steel drastically reduces the possibility of contamination between the part and the bench, which is fundamental for our production being aimed at the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The absence of contamination also makes it possible to reduce product waste, with benefits in terms of raw material saved and waste. Also the work tables, being ergonomic, guarantee less effort for the operator.

Radial drill

Integrated with the production cycle, it is equipped with a new type of quick couplers and allows the addition of a workstation.

Result achieved:

Thanks to the purchase of the radial drill, production time has been optimized and the tool change process has improved by becoming faster; in just a few seconds it is possible to change tools and finish the part, reducing production time.

Now operators can work simultaneously, reducing downtime. Being a new machine, operator-side programming is also made easier and more intuitive. These aspects have improved response times and the satisfaction of customers’ quality and urgency requirements.

Expected benefits confirmed

As a result, the set of investments made confirmed the expected benefits in various areas:

– Improved response time and fulfillment of customer needs.

– Reduction of environmental impacts through reduced consumption of raw materials and energy resources.

– Improved business and workplace safety.

The investments made have enabled the stabilization of No. 3 fixed-term employees and the increase of an additional employee directly on a permanent basis.

Description, aims and results of the project: Purchase of new machinery and equipment to improve the production process. Download here