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We successfully cope with tasks of varying complexity, provide long-term guarantees and regularly master new technologies.

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Before machines,
there are people.

Since 1974, our company's heritage has been in the transmission of expertise-one of the best ways we know to look forward.
Our services are totally responsive to the customization needs of our Clients.
We offer personalized service, where quality and flexibility are put first.
The experience consolidated over the years and the development we have achieved allows us to act as prime contractor and be within many free-pass realities.

Doma S.r.l.

Our services

  • Laser cutting.

    We have a laser processing center equipped with an automatic magazine.
    The working range is 2000 x 4000 mm: perfect for implementing cuts on stainless steel sheets (ranging in thickness from 0.5 mm to 20 mm). We complete each processing with an automatic brushing machine, which allows us to remove burrs in a single pass.

    Laser cutting.
  • Bending.

    We are equipped with 5 CNC bending machines, 2 of them INDUSTRY 4.0 certified.
    The level of automation we have achieved allows us to be able to program them from the technical department and not on board the machine. We are able to work with sheets up to 4 meters long and 320 tons of power.
    We also have a punching machine and a shear with sheet manipulator, through the latter we can work on sheets up to 4 m long guaranteeing cuts up to 6 mm of stainless.

  • Assembly.

    We perform TIG and MIG welding on stainless steel. Our skilled operators, have IS0 9006-1:2017 license readily updated. We are able to perform machining of: calendering, tacking, tapping, countersinking and reaming.
    We believe in the need for continuous training for all our operators and organize training courses run by external instructors at our headquarters.

  • Finishing.

    Our Customers' satisfaction is part of our DNA. We complete each of our processes by paying attention to the smallest details. In compliance with high quality requirements, we perform processing of: shot peening, polishing and satin finishing. We also carry out both chemical and punch marking.

  • Pickling plant.

    Our plant, among the largest in the province, reaches usable internal dimensions of 8800 mm long x 1800 mm wide and 2700 mm high. Products are first selected and tested. The processing cycle includes: cleaning, pickling and passivation of the part.

    Pickling plant.
  • Inspection, shipping and delivery.

    We always meet the agreed timelines in order handling, as DOMA we have two large vehicles.
    We have also selected the best couriers for more than efficient service.

    Inspection, shipping and delivery.

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